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All syntheses and analytics can be performed under inert gas atmosphere using Schlenk technique, and at low temperatures using cooling baths or a cryostat. Available analytical and spectroscopic methods include single crystal and powder XRD, NMR spectroscopy, electrochemical measurements (CV, SQW), UV/vis absorption and emission spectroscopy, IR and Raman spectroscopy, as well as UV/vis spectroelectrochemistry (UV/vis-SEC). Additionally, quantum chemical calculations using Orca and Gaussian are performed in our group.

The working group maintains the following devices:

  • UV/vis absorption spectrometer: Varian Cary50 Scan
  • Electrochemistry: Autolab PG STAT 30 Potentiostat and μStat400 from Metrohm; electrochemical cell with three electrode setup: glassy carbon working electrode, Pt counter electrode, Ag/AgCl reference electrode
  • UV/vis spectroelectrochemistry: OTTLE (optical transparent thin layer electrochemical) cell; design by J. Fiedler, Prague