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Information for applicants for an MSc in chemistry

The Department of Chemistry at the University of Cologne offers you English taught MSc in Chemistry (, please register at the University’s students desk.

Information for applicants for a PhD, or post-doc

Thank you very much for your interest in our work. Interested to join our workgroup for a PhD in chemistry or to do some post-doctoral work?

Please read the following information prior to sending an application:

  • We generally do not have open positions.
  • All candidates have to come on their own research grant.
  • I can help you with an application to common grant institutions such as the German Academic Exchange Programme (DAAD,, Humboldt Foundation (, and others.
  • Applications to grant agencies are usually only successful if the candidate is good, very good, or excellent. The proposed research must be very good or excellent, it must be doable for the candidate (based on his/her previous education) and the host has to fit perfectly into the proposed research (must be an expert in the field).
  • If you send an application to me, do not forget details on your education including grades (I know that grades do not tell you everything about a scientist – but in the eyes of reviewers they are very important).
  • Please refrain from sending me applications containing research proposals far off my research interest, please check carefully my homepage and maybe – look for a more suitable host instead.


Send your application (CV with details on education including grades) to: