Siegel der Universität zu Köln
University of Cologne
Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Department of Chemistry - Inorganic Chemistry
  1. Prof. Dr. Ingo Ott - Link,
    Institute for Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany; Investigation of the anti-proliferative activity of platinum- and palladium complexes.
  2. Prof. Dr. David Vicic - Link,
    Department of Chemistry, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, USA, and
    Yulia Budnikova,
    A.E. Arbuzov Institute of Organic and Physical Chemistry, Kazan Scientific Center of Russian Academy of Sciences, Kazan, Russian Federation; Mechanisms and applications of electrocatalyical processes involving nickel complexes.
  3. Dr. Maria Babashkina and Dr. Damir Safin,
    Arbusov Institute of Organic and Physical Chemistry, Kazan, Russian Federation; Transition metal complexes with N-phosphorylthiourea- or -amide ligands.
  4. Dr. Dominik Schaniel and Dr. Theo Woike - Link,
    I. Physikalisches Institut,  University of Cologne; Investigation of the photoinduced linkage isomerisation of small ligands as NO.
  5. Prof. Dr. Stephan Schlemmer and Prof. Dr. Thomas F. Giesen - Link,
    I. Physikalisches Institut, University of Cologne; Investigation of highly reactive complexes and further highly reactive molecules with relevance for the ISM.
  6. Dr. S. Záli¹ and Ing. J. Fiedler - Link,
    J. Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry,  Prague, Czech Republic; Quantumchemical calculations and sophisticated electrochemical methods.
  7. Dr. Martin Feth, Eric Wendel, Irene Schlipf and Prof. H. Bertagnolli - Link,
    Institute for Physical Chemistry of the University of Stuttgart, Germany; EXAFS.
  8. Dr. E. J. L. McInnes and Dr. David Collison - Link,
    EPSRC c.w. EPR Service Center, University of Manchester, UK; Multifrequency-EPR.
  9. Prof. Dr. Albrecht Berkessel and Dr. Wacharee Harnying - Link,
    Department of Chemistry, Institute for Organic Chemistry, University of Cologne; Mechanistical investigations of Nickel-Chrom catalysed C-C-coupling reactions.
  10. Prof. Dr. Elena Lalinde Pena - Link,
    Universidad de la Rioja, Logrono, Spanien; Investigation of alkynyl- and aryl-platin complexes.